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Benefits of an Electric Motorcycle

Apr. 11, 2023

The world of motorcycles is changing rapidly and the rise of electric motorcycles heralds a new era for motorcycles. If you are considering buying your first motorcycle, now is the perfect time to join the electric revolution. Perfect for anyone entering the world of two wheels, electric motorcycles are the perfect first ride and offer many advantages over traditional bikes powered by internal combustion engines. From better control to less maintenance and even lower operating costs, electric motorcycles are the perfect starter bike.


A potential rider sees the advantages of getting around on two wheels (fun, convenience, cost, lifestyle, parking, etc.) and is trying to decide if you should join and which type of bike to ride.


Electric motorcycles are cheaper to operate

In terms of daily operating costs, there is no comparison. Electric is more economical.


It does not just fuel. Of course, gas is expensive compared to much cheaper electricity. It's easy to see the immediate advantages of electric power. But all the other costs add up too.


No need to change the air filter. No regular oil changes. No fixed list of consumables that you have to keep buying in order to ride.


Depending on where you live, electric motorcycles have other benefits. Much lower monthly insurance rates to pay. Many countries also offer incentives such as reduced tolls or cheaper parking permits, but you can often park your motorcycle for free when it fits into a smaller area where a car cannot.

Electric Motorcycle

 Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are quieter, smoother, and more comfortable to ride

Electric motorcycles offer a better riding experience because they are quieter, smoother, and more comfortable. It's effectively a trifecta of benefits, so let's break it down.


Electric motorcycles are quieter than internal combustion engine motorcycles, which is a big advantage. You can hear what's going on around you, whether it's animals in the forest, approaching car hazards, or the musings of your riding partner. Being able to ride alongside a friend or strike up a conversation with someone else at a traffic light is a nice bonus.


There are few greater fallacies in the world of motorcycles. We've all been in a car before, parked or moving, and were only startled when a loud motorcycle whizzed past our door. It was surprising because we didn't realize it was coming. That's the point and shows that loud pipes have nothing to do but annoy the person parked next to you at a red light. These days, cars are so well insulated that a loud motorcycle will be pressing on them before the driver even realizes it. At best you have bought yourself less than a second's warning, which in some cases can be even more dangerous when a loud bike scares a driver into doing something stupid.


Petrol bike riders who rely on exhaust noise to alert drivers are actually at a disadvantage. Too many drivers wearing headphones or talking on the phone will completely forget about a noisy motorcycle. Relying on them to hear you is a great way to get yourself injured or killed.


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